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No Sound on your iPad? Troubleshoot Quickly

Posted by Michael Anderegg on

A common complaint of iPad’s is No Sound. Most of the time this can be easily fixed due to improper use or accidental muting. Below are a few tips that can fix this common issue.

Check the Volume

There is a small switch on the left side of all iPads and iPhones that shows orange if it is switched to Mute. Make sure that it is switched to the correct position where it the orange color is not showing. Now sound should begin to work.

Turn up the volume

On all newer iOS versions you can swipe up from the bottom and a small menu will appear. At the bottom left there is a slider scale for volume, which often the slider volume is at the lowest. Slide the scale to the right to turn up the volume and test it at full volume. This should fix most sound problems with your iPad or iPhone.

When all else fails Reboot

A quick way to fix lots of issues on an iPad or iPhone is to reboot. Double tap the home button go through and swipe away on all the open apps running in the background. Then proceed to hold down the power button and turn off your device completely. You can also try doing a hard reset and holding the power button and home button at the same time to until you see the white Apple logo to quickly flash off your device.

Stuck in Dock Connector Mode

Sometimes an iPad or iPhone can be stuck in dock connector mode. An easily solution is to plug a set of headphones into your iPad’s headphone jack and then unplug. It may seem goofy but this simple fix can remove it from Dock Mode.

Scrub It Away

Use a dry toothbrush and lightly brush away at the speaker holes on the bottom of the device. Also brush away at the connector port. This is rare that these get completely clogged but it can happen with all the lint and debris in pockets and purses.

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