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About Us

iT Parts  started in 1999 in the dawn of e-commerce. Distributing computer parts to computer manufacturers and suppliers. As business grew more and more products were added to the shelves. 

Since we started in 1999 in a basement testing and selling computer parts. Our business flourished and was centered around e-commerce, but we noticed that there was a greater need for re-commerce. There was millions of unwanted electronics laying around filling up landfills, dressers, and desks. But we knew they still had a value if put in the right hands... Our hands.

In 2012, iT Parts noticed the growing demand for iPads and iPhones. Customers and Vendors were contacting us asking if we sold any smartphones or tablets. We began buying, selling, and refurbishing iPad and iPhones and our customer satisfaction has been fantastic and our reviews are nothing but 5-stars exactly what we expect with our incomparable customer service team and excellent refurbishing techs.