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Fix Your Weak Wi-Fi Signal on your iPad and iPhone

Posted by Michael Anderegg on

Poor Wi-Fi signal can always be very frustrating. You experience slow Internet speeds, random disconnections, and short Wi-Fi coverage range. This guide will walk you through he process to get better and faster Wi-Fi Internet.

Solution #1 Rebooting the iPad 

The simplest step in fixing any problem is attempting a full reboot. By rebooting your iPad many issues you never noticed can be fixed as well.

How to Hard Reset your iPad:

Hold the top Power Button and bottom Home button at the same time.

“Swipe to Turn Off” screen will pop up but keep holding both buttons.

The screen will go completely black as it turns off but continue to hold both buttons.

When you see the white Apple logo appear, you can release both buttons.

Let the device boot as normal which should only take a minute.

Check here if you need more information on rebooting your iPad.

Solution #2 Reboot the Router 

If this is on your personal Wi-Fi router or one you have access to reset follow the below steps to reboot your router. Most cable and service providers will recommend this first for any Internet issues.

Locate the Wi-Fi router and on the back panel you will find an AC Adapter plugged in. This is often a circle shaped port and the one that is plugged into the power in the wall.

Leave the router unplugged as you locate the power cable on your Internet modem. Do the same and unplug the modem which usually has a coaxial cable attached in the back.

After the modem has been unplugged for a full minute, plug back in and wait for the light labeled “Online” to beginning to light up. Once that is complete finish plugging in the Wi-Fi router power cable. Again wait for about a minute or two for the lights to begin blinking and you are ready to go. Check your iPad connection now.

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