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How to Setup Find my iPad or iPhone

Posted by Michael Anderegg on

Nothing is worse than realizing your new iPad, iPhone, or Macbook has been stolen, left behind, or misplaced.

How to Setup Find my iPad

It is very important that everyone adds their iCloud account to their iPad immediately when they initially setup and activate their device.

On your home screen select “Settings”.

Select "iCloud" and Setup your iCloud login and select "Find my iPad" and make sure it says "On" if not tap and turn it on.

Now go back to settings.

Locate the “Privacy” tab and tap.

Tap “Location Services” on the top of the list. Make sure the “Location Services” is toggled on so it should show a green directly next to the icon.

Scroll down and tap "System Services" and continue to select “Find my iPad” till the toggle icon turns green. 

How to Find your Lost / Stolen iPad

If you have followed the directions above correctly you are in luck if you ever lose your iPad.

Login to your iCloud account at

Select the “Find my iPhone” icon.

It will show you that it is locating all devices you have activated with Find My iPhone.

Depending on what you have activated it will say “All Devices” or “iPad” or “iPad” in the center on the top menu bar.

Choose the correct device and it will give you some options.

If your device is not on a network currently it will show you that it is Offline. Select Notify when found.  

You also have a few more options where you can “Play Sound” (sends out a loud alert alarm), “Lock” (which protects device from being used), “Erase” (Caution: this will flash delete all data on the device make sure it is backed up or this is the last resort). 

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