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Setting up Gmail on your iPad

Posted by Michael Anderegg on

One of the best uses for having an iPad is easy access to all your email accounts, text messages, and bookmarked websites. Lets Guide you through how to Setup a Gmail Account on your iPad

Setup Gmail on iPad

On your iPad home screen select the “Settings” icon. 

Select “Mails, Contacts, Calendar”

Tap on “Add Account”

At this point you will get a list of many different Email providers.

Continue by selecting “Google”

To activate Gmail on your iPad, simply enter your username and password for Gmail and click “Sign In” just like you would on your computer.

At the next screen in order to complete activation you must select “Allow”

You will see your Gmail show up in the Mail settings now. You can select individually what information you want your Gmail to share on your iPad. Most people keep Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes selected. But if you don’t use any of those features with your Gmail account then you can toggle off everything but keep only the Mail toggled on showing green.

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