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How to Remove Viruses from Your iPad

Posted by Michael Anderegg on

With most advertising going mobile and more and more pop-up blockers Black Hat Advertisers are beginning to pay for fake adware mobile advertising scaring the victims into clicking or downloading their software. In some cases Apps can contain viruses if not downloaded directly through the App Store. Always Remove Viruses and Adware from your iPad as soon as you notice them to prevent any of your data from being compromised. 

Whenever you are browsing the Internet on your iPad and you see an error warning like this: 


Warning!! iOS Crash Report

Click Here to Fix

There are many different scripts that hackers use to get your attention and it does. If you have fallen victim to one of these tricks and Clicked then learn how to remove the possible malware or adware that is on your iPad or iPhone.

How to Remove Adware and Malware from iPad and iPhone

Go to the “Settings” icon on your device. 

Find “Safari” in the Settings and tap on the tab.

You will see many options here to increase your security.

In the “Privacy & Security” section turn on “Do Not Track” by toggling.

The easy way to remove this Adware and Malware is by selecting “Clear History and Website Data” in blue. It will ask you to confirm by tapping “Clear” in Red. Tap this. 

Another way to remove the issues is by going to the “Advanced” tab, then tapping “Website Data”, here at the bottom you will find “Remove All Website Data” in Red. Confirm by tapping “Remove” and you are good to go.

Here are some more iPad and iPhone errors that are Fake:

**** IOS Crash Report ****

IOS crashed previously due to unwanted websites visit. There is a problem with the configuration of your IOS. Please call Apple Technical Support at 0800-XXX-XXXX. Click on OK this will attempt to send a crash report to Apple. Call now Apple 0800-XXX-XXXX

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