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2 in 1 Lightning Splitter 3.5mm Headphone + Charger For iPhone 7 Supports Phone CALLS

  • $ 2999
  • Save $ 30

Keep your phone charged and listen to music at the same time with this iTparts 2 in 1 lightning splitter iPhone7/7s.

Don't worry about taking your case off to use this 2 in 1 lightning splitter, with the convenient low profile lighting connector that works with most protective cases! Other adapters with the connector attached directly to the adapter are prone to breaking and require removal of protective casing!

This is the first adapter EVER to support phone calls using the headset, All other adapters don't support calling. Now you can answer calls and talk on the phone using your headset microphone. Call is answered by clicking headset pause button once. Last person called can be dialed by clicking headset pause button twice.

Please note that the only headset audio control that functions is the play and pause function. Volume controls and song skipping does not work.

2 in 1 lightning splitter for iPhone7/7s Features:
  • Heavy Duty Cable to protect from damage & fraying
  • Metal casing on adapter & lightning plug protects from damage
  • Metal casing on lightning plug to protect from damage
  • Supports calling and using the headset microphone to talk
  • Works with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • 30 Day Seller Warranty
  • USA Stock with fast shipping, 2-5 Days!

Package Contents:

  • 1X Black iPhone 2 in 1 Lightning Splitter Charge Your iPhone7/7s with Phone Support       
  • 1X Free Touchscreen Stylus

*Headphones and charging cable not included*

*Bluetooth must be turned on for phone function to work*

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